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Remote Sensor


The Remote Sensor option allows you to locate the sensor of the LBW-50, LBW-420/420-1 or LBW-Watchman ammonia leak detectors up to 500 ft. away from the detector box. This gives you the safe advantage of remotely reviewing and acknowledging the Early Warning and/or Alarm externally from the source of the alarms. The Remote Sensor comes standard with a NEMA 4X box, voltage regulator circuit board with sensor socket, and 50 feet of shielded cable. Additional cable can be purchased at time of sale and the sensor will be calibrated at the factory for the length of cable specified.

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ABS Washdown/Utility Tube


The ABS Washdown/Utility Tube has multi-functional use. It was primarily designed for use in washdown areas, for remote sensor applications, in HVAC units/ductwork, and for outdoor applications. It can be installed directly onto the LBW-50, LBW-420, LBW-Watchman, or a remote sensor. The access door of the ABS Washdown/Utility Tube allows for the test bottles to be used for the recommended monthly testing and the annual leak detector calibration, and for the easy replacement of the ammonia sensor, if needed.

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Battery Back-Up


The Battery Back-Up can be added to the LBW-50, LBW-420/420-1, or LBW-RLV ammonia leak detectors. If a power outage should occur, the battery provides approximately 1 1/2 hours of continuous back-up power to the leak detector for monitoring. The Battery Back-Up is on a constant trickle charge during normal operation. The standard Battery Back-Up comes with a battery, mounting Velcro, and a wiring harness with black & red leads.

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Indoor/Outdoor Remote Alarm Light and Horn Unit


The indoor/outdoor remote alarm light & horn unit is a waterproof tower light that provides a brighter light via a combination of long-life LEDs and a daybright lens. Other features include a Test/Normal/Silence toggle switch, an omni-directional horn, safety yellow NEMA 4X enclosure, and an internal terminal strip to terminate the 24 VDC power supply (provided by others) and the normal-closed contact of the detector(s). The operation of this unit allows for a remote indication (i.e. red flashing light and pulsing horn) of an Alarm condition. During an Alarm condition, the Remote Alarm Light & Horn Unit can be silenced with the Silence/Normal/Test toggle switch.

However, the red light will continue to flash. Once the Alarm condition is resolved, the horn will sound again until the Silence/Normal/Test toggle switch is put back into the Normal mode. Our standard indoor/outdoor remote alarm light & horn units are flashing red light with pulsing horn, rotating yellow light with staccato horn, and steady blue light with steady horn. We can customize this unit to include, but not be limited to, the number of lights, the color of the lights, different horn types, and/or remove the Silence/Normal/Test toggle switch.

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LCD Door Monitor


The LCD door monitor allows for displaying the PPM ammonia concentration from a single LBW- 420/420-1 or LBW-Watchman in up to two other locations. This option was designed utilizing the 4-20 mA output signal of these units. The 24 VDC loop-powered, 4-20 mA output circuit (a separate 24 VDC power supply is required for the LBW-420 units; provided by others) provides both the power for the LCD door monitor and backlight, and the input for the display (in PPM).

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IP Sensor Appliance


The IP Sensor Appliance incorporates a web server and analog/digital inputs. Power the appliance with a 24 VDC power supply (provided by others), plug it into a hub/router, launch any web browser, punch in the default IP and connect. No custom software to load, no discovery routines, no custom cables, or training. The IP Sensor Appliance serves up static web pages with dynamic data updates every second or two. Most users can set up and utilize the appliance without any training or support in less than 5 minutes due to the innovative and familiar web browser based configuration. The IP Sensor Appliance is an ideal low cost solution for remote monitoring applications like ammonia leak detectors. Up to two personnel can receive email alerts so that corrective action can be taken. The data logging feature of this device can indicate which detector is activated, the ammonia concentration in PPM, and provide a date & time stamp of the event.

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